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    Monthly Archives: May 2006

    Allanan vivienda de opositor pacifico

    Allanan vivienda de opositor pacífico
    Por Ahmed Rodríguez Albaci
    Bitácora Cubana, 18 de mayo de 2006 – La Habana

    El día 12 del presente mes se realizó el allanamiento de la vivienda del
    opositor pacífico Franklin Peregrino del Toro, sita en la calle Manuel
    Angulo #60 en el poblado de Cacocúm, provincia de Holguín.

    A las 11 de la mañana de este día se personaron… Continue reading

    Journalists in prison in Cuba: 24

    Cuba (24) Alejandro Gonzáles Raga, freelanceImprisoned: March 18, 2003 González Raga, an independent freelance journalist based in central Camagüey province, was tried and convicted under Article 91 of the penal code, which imposes lengthy prison sentences or death for those who act against “the independence or the territorial integrity of the state.” In April 2003, […] Continue reading

    20 journalists in prison since March 2003

    20 journalists in prison since March 2003 In Cuba, they don’t just censor you now – they throw you in jail. President Fidel Castro’s police rounded up 27 independent journalists on 18 March 2003, along with more than 50 political dissidents, all for the same reason. At the beginning of April, Cuban courts dispatched each […] Continue reading