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    Journalism on Demand

    Cuba: Journalism on Demand / Iván García Iván García, 27 August 2016 — I still remember that two-day trip to Pinar del Río. I stayed in a Communist Party hotel at the side of the old central highway. I visited the province’s outstanding factories, cooperatives and work centers. Then in Havana, I wrote three or […] Continue reading

    55 years of dogma

    55 years of dogma HILDEBRANDO CHAVIANO MONTES | La Habana | 9 Dic 2015 – 5:34 pm. Cuba is one of the countries holding the most celebrations every year. As part of its mission to create another history, in our country even debacles are celebrated as if they were victories, and the founding of different […] Continue reading

    Journalism in the Cross-Current

    Cuba: Journalism in the Cross-Current / Ivan Garcia Posted on October 21, 2013 An autocracy’s efficiency can be measured by, among other things, its immutable capacity for controlling information. Everything passes through an ideological filter. Some guys sitting in an air-conditioned office minutely evaluating it to determine what people can see, hear or read. Books, […] Continue reading


    DECLARATION OF SANTIAGO03-03-2011.Concilio Cubano(www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- The Cuban people live in very difficult times. However, this is not news. For more than fifty years we have witnessed increasing poverty and the ongoing violation of our hum... Continue reading

    The hardest life: surviving Cuban jail

    Posted on Friday, 07.30.10RELEASE OF THE POLITICAL PRISONERS | STORIES OF ABUSE The hardest life: surviving Cuban jail During their seven years in Cuban prisons, former prisoners say they were confined to tiny windowless cells, fed inedible food and abused psychologically.BY FABIOLA SANTIAGOfsantiago@MiamiHerald.com MADRID — Boiled plantain-flavored water as soup. A greasy scoop of bland, […] Continue reading


    ANNUAL REPORT OF THE IACHR 2007CHAPTER IVCUBA I. COMPETENCE FOR OBSERVING AND EVALUATING THE HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION IN CUBA 84. The authority of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to observe the human rights situation in Cuba derives from the provisions of the OAS Charter, from the Commission's own Statute, and from its Rules of […] Continue reading


    WHAT CUBANS CAN NOT DO2007-04-16. CUBA FACTS, Issue 31 – April 2007Cubans can not:• Travel abroad without government permission.• Change jobs without government permission.• Change residence without government permission.• Access the Internet without government permission (the Internet is closely monitored and controlled by the government. Only 1.67% of the population has access to the Internet). […] Continue reading

    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2005

    Cuba Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2005Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and LaborMarch 8, 2006 Cuba, with a population of 11 million, is a totalitarian state led by a president, Fidel Castro, whose regime controls all aspects of life through the Communist Party (CP) and its affiliated mass organizations, the […] Continue reading